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Entries are the base unit of object storage in the server. This is one of the three foundational concepts along with filters and schema that everything else builds upon.

An Entry is a collection of attribute-value sets. There are sometimes called attribute value assertions, or AVAs. The attribute is a “key” and it holds 1 to infinite associated values with no ordering. An entry has many AVAs. A pseudo example, minus schema and typing:

Entry {
  "name": ["william"],
  "uuid": ["..."],
  "mail": ["", ""],

There are three rules for entries:

  • Must have an AVA for UUID containing a single value.
  • Any AVA with zero values will be removed.
  • AVAs are stored with no sorting.

For more, see the Entry type.


Entry is the core data storage type of the server. Almost every aspect of the server is designed to read, handle and manipulate entries.

A set based on a B-Tree.

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