Client Tools

To interact with Kanidm as an administrator, you'll need to use our command line tools. If you haven't installed them yet, install them now.

Kanidm configuration

You can configure kanidm to help make commands simpler by modifying ~/.config/kanidm or /etc/kanidm/config.

uri = ""
ca_path = "/path/to/ca.pem"

The full configuration reference is in the definition of KanidmClientConfig.

Once configured, you can test this with:

kanidm self whoami --name anonymous

Session Management

To authenticate as a user (for use with the command line), you need to use the login command to establish a session token.

kanidm login --name USERNAME
kanidm login --name admin
kanidm login -D USERNAME
kanidm login -D admin

Once complete, you can use kanidm without re-authenticating for a period of time for administration.

You can list active sessions with:

kanidm session list

Sessions will expire after a period of time. To remove these expired sessions locally you can use:

kanidm session cleanup

To log out of a session:

kanidm logout --name USERNAME
kanidm logout --name admin