Access Control Defaults

  • Do we need some kind of permission atoms to allow certain tasks?

Use Cases:

  • User sign-up portal (need service account that can create users and do cred reset)

  • Role for service account generation.

  • Remote backup - this account should be able to trigger and retrieve a backup

  • Groups should be able to be changed by a managing group (managed by)

  • IP limits on accounts?

  • Users need to not be able to see other users.

    • Means the user can't read member attr, but can see groups + group info.
  • Anonymous needs to be able to be blocked more easily.

  • Enable disable self-mail write

  • Enable disable self-name-change

To achieve

  • IP access limits
  • Managed By rules
  • Better group specification syntax (not filters)

Domain Admin

graph LR

DomainAdmin("Domain Admin") --> AccessControlAdmin("Access Control Admin")
DomainAdmin("Domain Admin") --> AccountPolicyAdmin("Account Policy Admin")
DomainAdmin("Domain Admin") --> DomainConfigAdmin("Domain Config Admin")
DomainAdmin("Domain Admin") --> HPGroupAdmin("HP Group Admin")
DomainAdmin("Domain Admin") --> SchemaAdmin("Schema Admin")
DomainAdmin("Domain Admin") --> SyncAccountAdmin("Sync Account Admin")

IDM Admin

graph LR

IdmAdmin("IDM Admin") --> GroupAdmin("Group Admin")
IdmAdmin("IDM Admin") --> PersonAdmin("Person Admin")
IdmAdmin("IDM Admin") --> PersonPIIModify("Person PII Modify")
IdmAdmin("IDM Admin") --> PersonReadNoPII("Person Read No PII")
IdmAdmin("IDM Admin") --> PosixAccountIncludesCredMod("POSIX Account - [Includes Cred Mod]")
IdmAdmin("IDM Admin") --> RadiusAccountModify("Radius Account Modify")

Integration Admin

graph LR

IntegrationAdmin("Integration Admin") --> Oauth2Admin("Oauth2 Admin")
IntegrationAdmin("Integration Admin") --> PosixAccountConsumer("POSIX Account Consumer")
IntegrationAdmin("Integration Admin") --> RadiusServiceAdmin("Radius Service Admin")

Help Desk

graph LR

HelpDesk("Help Desk") --> PersonCredentialModify("Person Credential Modify")
HelpDesk("Help Desk") --> PersonReadNoPII("Person Read No PII")

Account "Self"

graph LR

SelfMailModify("Self Mail Modify") --> |"Modifies"| Self
SelfRead("Self Read") --> |"Read"| Self
SelfModify("Self Modify") --> |"Writes Secrets"| Self
SelfNameModify("Self Name Modify") --> |"Modifies"| Self

Duplicated for Service Accounts, HP persons, HP service Accounts.

graph LR

PersonOnBoard("Person On Board") --> |"Creates"| Persons("Persons")
PersonAdmin("Person Admin") --> |"Creates Deletes"| Persons("Persons")
PersonPIIModify --> |"Reads Modifies"| Persons
PersonPIIModify("Person PII Modify") -.-> |"Member of"| PersonAdmin
PersonCredentialModify("Person Credential Modify") -.-> |"Member of"| PersonAdmin
PersonCredentialModify("Person Credential Modify") -.-> |"Member of"| PersonOnBoard
PersonCredentialModify --> |"Reads Modifies"| Persons
PersonCredentialModify --> |"Reads"| PersonReadNoPII("Person Read No PII")
PersonAdmin --> PersonReadWithPII("Person Read - With PII")
PersonReadWithPII --> PersonReadNoPII
PersonReadNoPII --> |"Reads"| Persons
PosixAccountIncludesCredMod --> |"Extends (Add Posix Account)"| Persons

Domain and Schema

graph LR

DomainConfigAdmin("Domain Configuration Admin") --> |"Modifies Reads"| Domain
DomainConfigAdmin("Domain Configuration Admin") --> |"Modifies Reads"| System
SyncAccountAdmin("Sync Account Admin") --> |"Creates Modifies Deletes"| SyncAccounts("Sync Accounts")
SchemaAdmin("Schema Admin") --> |"Creates Modifies"| Schema("Schema")
AccessControlAdmin("Access Control Admin") --> |"Creates Modifies Deletes"| AccessControls("Access Controls")

High-Priv and Groups

graph LR

GroupAdmin("Group Admin") --> |"Create Modify Delete"| Groups("Groups")
AccountPolicyAdmin("Account Policy Admin") --> |"Modifies Extends"| Groups("Groups")
GroupAdmin --> |"Modify Delete"| HPGroups("HP Groups")
GroupAdmin --> |"Add Members"| HPGroup("HP Group")

HPGroupAdmin("HP Group Admin") --> HPGroup
GroupAdmin -.-> |"Inherits"| HPGroupAdmin

OAuth2 Specific

graph LR

Oauth2Admin("Oauth2 Admin") --> |"Creates Modifies Delegates"| Oauth2RS("Oauth2 RS")
ScopedMember("Scoped Member") --> |"Reads"| Oauth2RS


graph LR

PosixAccountConsumer("POSIX Account Consumer") --> |"Reads Auths"| PosixAccounts("Posix Accounts")


graph LR

RadiusServiceAdmin("Radius Service Admin") --> |"Adds Members"| RadiusService("Radius Service")
RadiusService --> |"Reads Secrets"| RadiusAccounts("Radius Accounts")
RadiusAccountModify("Radius Account Modify") --> |"Writes Secrets"| RadiusAccounts

Recycle Bin Admin

graph LR

RecycleBinAdmin("Recycle Bin Admin") --> |"Modifies Reads Revives"| RecycledEntries("Recycled Entries")