Groups are a collection of other entities that exist within Kanidm.

Creating Groups

Members of idm_group_admins can create new groups. idm_admin by default has these privileges.

kanidm group create demo_group --name idm_admin
kanidm group add-members demo_group demo_user --name idm_admin
kanidm group list-members demo_group --name idm_admin

After addition, you will see a reverse link from our demo_user showing that it is now a member of the group demo_group. Kanidm makes all group membership determinations by inspecting an entry's "memberof" attribute.

kanidm person get demo_user --name idm_admin

Nested Groups

Kanidm supports groups being members of groups, allowing nested groups. These nesting relationships are shown through the "memberof" attribute on groups and accounts. This allows nested groups to reflect on accounts.

An example can be easily shown with:

kanidm group create group_1 --name idm_admin
kanidm group create group_2 --name idm_admin
kanidm person create nest_example "Nesting Account Example" --name idm_admin
kanidm group add-members group_1 group_2 --name idm_admin
kanidm group add-members group_2 nest_example --name idm_admin
kanidm person get nest_example --name anonymous

This should result in output similar to:

memberof: idm_all_persons@localhost
memberof: idm_all_accounts@localhost
memberof: group_2@localhost
memberof: group_1@localhost
name: nest_example

Delegated Administration

Kanidm supports delegated administration though the "entry managed by" field. This allows specifying a group or user account that is the "entry manager" of a group. This allows the entry manager to modify the group without the need to define new access controls.

The entry_managed_by attribute of a group may only be modified by members of idm_access_control_admins. During entry creation idm_group_admins may set entry_managed_by, but may not change it post creation.

kanidm group create <NAME> [ENTRY_MANAGED_BY]
kanidm group create delegated_access_group demo_group --name idm_admin
kanidm group get delegated_access_group --name idm_admin

Now, as our demo_user is a member of demo_group they have delegated administration of delegated_access_group.

kanidm login --name demo_user

                                note the use of demo_user --\
kanidm group add-members delegated_access_group admin --name demo_user
kanidm group get delegated_access_group --name demo_user