Domain Rename

There are some cases where you may need to rename the domain. You should have configured this initially in the setup, however you may have a situation where a business is changing name, merging, or other needs which may prompt this needing to be changed.

WARNING: This WILL break ALL u2f/webauthn tokens that have been enrolled, which MAY cause accounts to be locked out and unrecoverable until further action is taken. DO NOT CHANGE the domain name unless REQUIRED and have a plan on how to manage these issues.

WARNING: This operation can take an extensive amount of time as ALL accounts and groups in the domain MUST have their Security Principal Names (SPNs) regenerated. This WILL also cause a large delay in replication once the system is restarted.

You should make a backup before proceeding with this operation.

When you have a created a migration plan and strategy on handling the invalidation of webauthn, you can then rename the domain.

First, stop the instance.

docker stop <container name>

Second, change domain and origin in server.toml.

Third, trigger the database domain rename process.

docker run --rm -i -t -v kanidmd:/data \
    kanidm/server:latest /sbin/kanidmd domain rename -c /data/server.toml

Finally, you can now start your instance again.

docker start <container name>